Super L'Auto Recycler's 1991 is a Fraser Valley Company that follows all environmental and safety regulations regarding auto dismantling.

Toxic wastes from the process are handled with all possible regard to the environment and public safety.

As a member of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) we are pleased to state that we adhere to all standards of this organization.

Autos are first accessed for use able parts and then dismantled and cataloged. Parts are placed in different sections of the yard and the cars shell is placed in the yard for easy access to the body parts required for our customers.

Although we are in the business of dismantling Chrysler products, our love of these cars are evident in the cars we drive. A Vintage Chrysler, a Prowler and Super L’Auto races a Dakota Tractor Pull Truck with a monster Keith Black Hemi.

jeep in car lot workshop