Any parts purchased for a commercial vehicle will only have warranty for 30 days. NO Exceptions!

Super L’ Auto Recyclers 1991 Ltd. guarantees all their parts including engines, transmissions, transaxles, trasfercases, front & rear differentials for a period of 90 days, unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase.

In most cases we sell our engines complete but all we are charging for and all the customer is paying for is the block assembly with heads.  The other parts attached for your convenience and to make installation easier, unless otherwise stated these parts are not covered in our guarantee.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check all parts and accessories prior to installation.  We recommend that whenever appropriate, new oil seals be installed in engines, transmissions, transfer cases, trans-axles and differentials.  We do not guarantee against oil leaks.

After verification by Super L’ Auto Recyclers 1991 Ltd. of the alleged defect, including inspection of the part, if Super L’ Auto considers it necessary we issue a credit for the amount equal to the buyer’s invoice price or supply an equivalent part.  SUPER L’ AUTO IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LABOUR CHARGES, LOSS OF TIME, INCONVENIENCE, LOSS OF THE USE OF THE VEHICLE OR OTHER CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE.

All claims and returned goods must be accompanied by this invoice within 10 days and 25% handling fee will be charged on correctly filled orders which have been returned.


Improper installation of automatic transmissions may result in severe damage to the front pump, pump drive, converter, or mounting flange.  Damaged pump drives, converters or mounting flange will VOID all warranty.  Proper installation includes flushing cooler lines, transmission coolers and installing new front and rear seals. (Front & rear seals included upon request) TRANSMISSIONS CONTAIN NO FLUID.

Any parts purchased from Super L’ Auto Recyclers 1991 Ltd. that have been disassembled or tampered with “VOIDS ALL WARRANTY”


All shipment, to provinces outside BC and to the United States or other countries, include freight charged on the invoice or built into the price.  FREIGHT CHARGED TO THE INVOICE AND COLLECTED VIA CREDIT CARD OR MONEY ORDER ETC IS NON-REFUNDABLE.  ALL FREIGHT CHARGES INVOLVED IN RETURNING THE PARTS IS ALSO NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you purchase parts from Super L’ Auto 1991 Ltd.  we will gladly ship the parts to your location anywhere in the world but the shipping is not included in the pricing.  You will be obligated to pay freight costs.  If you wish to return any items sold to you, the shipping is the responsibility of the customer.  Super L’ Auto Recyclers 1991 Ltd. will not be responsible for delays in shipping.  If a delay should occur and you do not receive the items on time you will still be responsible to return the items (s)  when they are received for a refund, again shipping will be at the customer’s expense.

When paying by credit card over the phone we require a drivers license #, full credit card number and cvc code and federal tax number (when shipping to the united states)  due to fraud related issues we will be contacting our credit card company to verify the card valid and not fraudulent in any way.  We will also require a matching drivers license name and address to the credit card (we will be verifying this as well)

If the original items are returned broken, appear to be tampered with or disassembled Super L’ Auto Recyclers 1991 Ltd. will not issue any refund.

If you have any questions regarding our policies or limited warranty please don’t hesitate to contact us.